How our Proof work

To show that Stellarball  lotto is fair and is not rigged to favor the house . we have decided to use HMAC  .


We have  hash valid currently up to 2019-12-31 which can be found HERE .

Every day the system will release a secret on HERE

when result is released GMT +1 : 12 am , you will be able to verify if the result have been tampered with or not using the winning number as key

How to Verify :

Using This HMAC generator

here is an example of an already played game ,

2017-09-14 => 7c6bc630016fa778b5d5cf90ad4bb82c56211d808129 as input

winning number : 7,33,54,63,81 as KEY

when you use the above generator you should be able to get the Secret Result for 2017-09-14

which is : e22201f9779991af3d319b2b1edf42a18af3b031



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